OVER 80% of women have fibroids.

Many women with fibroids never know they have them.

Fibroids Center
  • 80% Black Women

Have fibroids by the age of 50.

  • 61% lack information.

61% are not aware of treatment options.

  • Over 25% get severe ill

At least 25% experience severe symptoms and illness.

Our Mission is to improve women's lives.

Fibroids center

We help women learn about FIBROIDS and find gynecologists through a conversational chatbot anywhere anytime.

We have created a space for women to share their experiences and challenges with fibroids and learn from fellow women as well as professionals.

How it works

Save you time and money.

  • Learn about fibroids 24/7

In a fast, easy and conversational style, learn about fibroids.

  • Find a gynecologist

Find gynecologists in your region for professional diagnosis and advice.

  • Get treated

Schedule an appointment with a gynecologist and get treated.

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Some of our key PARTNERS

We work with organizations offering services and products that improve women's health and wellness.

We are creating a community of healthier women

“It was a private and convenient way to learn about my health. I enjoyed it.

Joy Atieno    

“I was able to manage what and when I learned about fibroids. I also booked a gynae"

Diana Mbui    

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